Clem Snide - You Were A Diamond lp

(HHBTM Records)

expanded vinyl reissue of this debut album full of stark, beautiful and melancholic country-ish songs
  1. Better
  2. Nick Drake Tape
  3. Row
  4. Your Night to Shine
  5. I Can't Stay Here Tonight
  6. Yip/Jump Music
  7. Uglier Than You
  8. Fruit Salad Stains
  9. Lost On the River
  10. Nothing Is Over, Not Yet
  11. Chinese Baby
  12. Accident (digital bonus track)
  13. Estranged Half Brother (digital bonus track)
  14. Nick Drake Tape (alternate mix) (digital bonus track)
  15. Funeral Song of the New Jersey Wape (digital bonus track)
  16. Parable (digital bonus track)
  17. Renegade (digital bonus track)