Clary, Colin - Twee Blues, Vol. 1 lp

(Wee Pop! Records)

c'mon, it's Colin Clary - the king of twee pop! On thick orange vinyl, and it comes with a booklet with chords/lyrics to all the songs!
  1. Come Back From The Wilderness
  2. Don't Think It Out
  3. Give It Some Time
  4. Chickens In The Morning
  5. Bad Girls Club
  6. Boogiepop (Don't Stop!)
  7. She's So Bored
  8. She's A Motorcycle
  9. Repeat Me
  10. The Girl From The Album Cover
  11. Duck In The Spotlight
  12. Atlantic Ocean
  13. I Didn't Know You Were A Wizard
  14. Lost In The Desert
  15. Half A Cookie (aka Your Houseguest Tried My New Lipstick)