Candy Opera - 45 Revolutions Per Minute cd

(Firestation Records)

fantastic reissue of '80s janglepop from Liverpool in the style of the Pale Fountains and Aztec Camera
  1. What A Way To Travel
  2. The Good Book And The Green
  3. Religious
  4. Fever Pitch
  5. With Yesterday In All The Right Places
  6. Time
  7. Left, Right And Centre
  8. Serious
  9. Slow Down The Slow Dive
  10. The Gravy Train Run
  11. Nine Times Out Of Ten
  12. Diane
  13. Happy To Be The Plot But Not The Crime
  14. Shoot
  15. Second Time Around
  16. Love Constitution (Remix)
  17. Whip Crack Away
  18. Crucified