Cafeteria Dance Fever - Heck On Earth lp

(Hovercraft Records)

Swell Maps meets Bearsuit meets Dead Milkmen. This record will drive you mad, but in a good way.
  1. Cafeteria Dance Fever Yeah
  2. I Don't Wanna Be A Tenant Farmer
  3. Gorilla Escapes Zoo
  4. Eel
  5. Mermaid Vampires
  6. Lawn Furniture
  7. The Grim Reaper Adopted A Cat Skeleton
  8. Pig Sty
  9. Bile
  10. No Brain
  11. Robot Bird
  12. Zombie Roller Derby Of The Disembodied Afros
  13. Bad Eyelid Day
  14. School Sucks
  15. Minerals That Kill People
  16. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is Too Good To Be True
  17. Prophet Of Death
  18. Decapitation At The Twist Party