BMX Bandits - Life Goes On dbl cd

(Cherry Red Records)

one of their most loved albums, given the deluxe treatment with a bonus disc of home recordings, demos and more!
  1. Little Hands
  2. Serious Drugs
  3. Space Girl
  4. Scar
  5. I'll Keep On Joking
  6. Hole In My Heart
  7. Cast A Shadow
  8. Cats And Dogs
  9. Your Dreams
  10. My Friend
  11. It Hasn't Ended
  12. Intermission (Bathing Beauties)
  13. Kylie's Got A Crush On Us
  14. The Next Girl
  15. Witchi Tai To (Home Recording)
  16. But Tonight (Acoustic Session)
  17. Thinking About You Baby
  18. Hole In My Heart (Demo)
  19. My Generation
  20. Funny Face
  21. Don't Fight It, Feel It (Live)
  22. Serious Drugs (Demo)
  23. Little Pony
  24. I'll Keep On Joking (Home Demo)
  25. The Sailors Song (Home Demo)