Black Watch - The End Of When dbl cd/lp

(Pop Culture Press Records)

brand new album from this classic long-running (and always reliable!) LA dreamy/psych/pop band - cd comes with a bonus 16-track best of collection, in case you're new to the band!
  1. I Don't Feel The Same
  2. Meg
  3. Hardly Nothing Never Ending
  4. Oh Oh
  5. Sum
  6. Always Honey
  7. The End Of When
  8. Of Lovely Surprises
  9. The Spare Side
  10. A Pleasing Dream/That's You And Me All Over
  11. Unlistening
  12. How Much About Love
  13. Emily, Are You Sleeping?
  14. Like in the Movies
  15. Kinda Sorta
  16. On Another Plane (Scott Campbell Remix)
  17. Come Inside
  18. Quasi Stellar Radio Source
  19. Williamsburg
  20. Innercity Garden
  21. All These Shivers
  22. Tear the Sky
  23. The Wrong People
  24. Caroline
  25. Christopher Smart
  26. Whatever You Need
  27. The Tennis Playing Poet Roethke Said