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Alien Boy - Instant Record Collection! set

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ONE CD, ONE 7" & ONE LP: 1) "So Three Years Ago" cd, 2) "Stay Alive" 7", 3) "Sleeping Lessons" lp. I'm currently in love with this Portland band, and all of their output is incredible! This IRC has their debut full length, their second EP on a 7" and a cd-r containing both of their EPs along with bonus demos. Imagine a gothier/noisier My Favorite - jangly indie rock with gloomy yet anthemic lyrics. 
  1. Somewhere Without Me
  2. If We Don't Speak
  3. Only Posers Fall In Love
  4. Just Kids
  5. I Just Can't Feel It
  6. Hooked, Glued, You
  7. Depression
  8. On The Ride Back Home (You Know What I Dream Of)
  9. 600 Days
  10. Sleeping Lessons
  11. Drift Away, Slowly
  12. We Sleep In Separate Beds
  13. Orange Crashed Car Fourteen Times
  14. I Want You
  15. Hand In Glove
  16. Never Will
  17. Blacking Out
  18. Count The Seconds
  19. You'll Say (demo)
  20. If We Don't Speak (demo)
  21. Swell
  22. So Three Years Ago
  23. At Goth Easter
  24. Burning II
  25. Your New Haircut Ruined My Life
  26. Wonderwall