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Albright, Charles - Everything Went Charles Albright / The First Four Years cs

(Domestic Honey Records)

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many, many aggressive garage rock hits from this Sacramento legend
  1. The Reverb Generation II
  2. I Live in a Shitty Apartment | Y.M.I. (So Alone)
  3. We All Go to Heaven
  4. Weight II
  5. Dane Cook, Nickelback, The Olive Garden, Armageddon
  6. 18 Weeks
  7. I Wanna Louie Louie (All NIght Long)
  8. Short Skirt | Children of the Flag | The Reverb Generation I
  9. Los Muertos Del Rio
  10. Aliens
  11. I'm On Drugs
  12. I'm Just A Fine Young Man, And I'm Doing So Well
  13. I Wanna Hold You
  14. I'm Happy, I'm A Genius
  15. I Am The Halting Problem
  16. Young Woman
  17. I'm Waiting
  18. I'm Your Malfunction
  19. Headphones
  20. Hats Off To (Ron) Harper
  21. Weight
  22. I Am The Counter Culture (Dropout)
  23. The Hate Van
  24. Thinks Have Changed
  25. Let's Fuck!
  26. It's My Fault
  27. Words Get Stuck
  28. I Don't
  29. Louie Louie In Uganda