Action - Shadows And Reflections: The Complete Recordings 1964-1968 cd box

(Cherry Red Records)

classic '60s mod/beat in the style of early Who and the Creation; 86 tracks over four discs!
  1. Land Of One Thousand Dances
  2. In My Lonely Room
  3. I'll Keep Holding On
  4. Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
  5. Baby You've Got It
  6. Since I Lost My Baby
  7. Never Ever
  8. Twentyfourth Hour
  9. Shadows And Reflections
  10. Something Has Hit Me
  11. The Harlem Shuffle
  12. Wasn't It You
  13. The Place
  14. The Cissy
  15. I Love You (Yeah!)
  16. Come On, Come With Me
  17. Just Once In My Life
  18. Mine Exclusively [BBC Session]
  19. Reg King Interview / Baby You've Got It [BBC Session]
  20. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) [BBC Session]
  21. I See You [BBC Session]
  22. Shadows And Reflections [BBC Session]
  23. I'll Keep Holding On
  24. The Cissy
  25. Never Ever
  26. Since I Lost My Baby
  27. Shadows And Reflections
  28. Hey Sah-No-Ley
  29. Something Has Hit Me
  30. Baby You've Got It
  31. I Love You (Yeah!)
  32. Wasn't It You
  33. The Harlem Shuffle
  34. The Place
  35. Twentyfourth Hour
  36. Come On, Come With Me
  37. Just Once In My Life
  38. Something Has Hit Me [Rehearsal]
  39. I Love You (Yeah!) [Backing Track Take 1]
  40. Never Ever [Rehearsal]
  41. Come On, Come With Me [Backing Track Take 4]
  42. Twentyfourth Hour [Alternate Version]
  43. The Place [Backing Track Take 2]
  44. Just Once In My Life [Take 2]
  45. Something Has Hit Me [Alternate Backing Track]
  46. Shadows And Reflections [Backing Track]
  47. Come Around
  48. Something To Say
  49. Love Is All
  50. Icarus
  51. Strange Roads
  52. Things You Cannot See
  53. Brain [Full Length Version]
  54. Look At The View
  55. Climbing Up The Wall (See Me)
  56. Really Doesn't Matter Anymore [Full Length Version]
  57. I'm A Stranger
  58. Little Boy
  59. Follow Me
  60. In My Dream [George Martin Orchestrated Version]
  61. Only Dreaming
  62. Dustbin Full Of Rubbish
  63. An Understanding Love
  64. My Favourite Day
  65. A Saying For Today
  66. In My Dream [Demo Version]
  67. It Ain't Fair
  68. I Want You
  69. Fine Looking Girl [Demo]
  70. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) [Decca Audition]
  71. In My Lonely Room [Decca Audition]
  72. You'll Want Me Back [Decca Audition]
  73. I'll Keep Holding On [Ready, Steady, Go! Live]
  74. Land Of A Thousand Dances / Uptight (Everything's Alright) [Ready, Steady, Go! Live]
  75. Going To A Go-Go [BBC Session]
  76. Never Ever [BBC Session]
  77. India [BBC Session]
  78. Love Is All [BBC Session]
  79. I'll Keep Holding On ["Edsel" Mix]
  80. Baby You've Got It ["Edsel" Mix]
  81. The Harlem Shuffle ["Edsel" Mix]
  82. Just Once In My Life ["Edsel" Mix]
  83. Never Ever ["Edsel" Mix]
  84. Twentyfourth Hour ["Edsel" Mix]
  85. Something Has Hit Me ["Edsel" Mix]
  86. Shadows And Reflections ["Edsel" Mix]