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Able Tasmans - A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down cd

(Flying Nun Records)

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jangly Kiwi pop debut album from 1986; this reissue also includes their first EP and more bonus tracks and liner notes!
  1. Inside The Modern
  2. What Was That Thing
  3. Little Hearts
  4. And Relax
  5. Rainbow
  6. I See Now Where
  7. And We Swam The Magic Bay
  8. Fa Fa Fa Fa
  9. Sour Queen
  10. New Sherriff
  11. Virtues Asunder
  12. Evil Barbeque
  13. Patrick's Mother
  14. Rain In Tulsa
  15. Tom Song
  16. Snow White Chook
  17. Rhyme For Orange
  18. Carolines
  19. Buffalos
  20. Michaels