Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls - Chewing Out Your Rhythm On My Bubblegum cd

(Off The Hip Records)

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Ramones/Muffs-styled punk from Australia with three girl singers (with lots of oohs and aahs)
  1. Fed Up Runaway
  2. You Had Your Chance
  3. Rock'n'Roll Babe
  4. Reason
  5. Just Drown
  6. Big Chief
  7. Monster
  8. One Trick Pony
  9. The Gap
  10. Self-Defeating Blues
  11. You Are That Good
  12. Baby I Love You So
  13. When I Leave You
  14. Can't Take It
  15. Do Your Duty
  16. What A Way To Die