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Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been (expanded edition) dbl cd/dbl lp

(Cherry Red Records)

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double-disc reissue of this classic indie rock album, complete with b-sides and a live set (on the cd)!
  1. Out There
  2. Start Choppin
  3. What Else Is New
  4. On The Way
  5. Not The Same
  6. Get Me
  7. Drawerings
  8. Hide
  9. Goin Home
  10. I Ain't Sayin
  11. Hot Burrito #2
  12. Quest (Acoustic)
  13. Turnip Farm
  14. Forget It
  15. Keeblin'
  16. Missing Link
  17. Noon At Dawn (BBC Session) (cd only)
  18. Hide (BBC Session)
  19. Get Me (BBC Session)
  20. Keeblin' (BBC Session)
  21. Severed Lips (BBC Session) (cd only)
  22. Thumb (BBC Session) (cd only)
  23. Tarpit (live) (cd only)
  24. Budge (live) (cd only)
  25. Start Choppin (live) (cd only)
  26. Drawerings (live) (cd only)
  27. Raisins (live) (cd only)
  28. Thumb (live) (cd only)
  29. Out There (live) (cd only)
  30. Sludgefeast (live) (cd only)