Dinosaur Jr - Hand It Over (expanded edition) dbl cd/dbl lp

(Cherry Red Records)

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double-disc reissue of this classic album, with b-sides and live tracks!
  1. I Don't Think
  2. Never Bought It
  3. Nothin's Goin On
  4. I'm Insane
  5. Can't We Move This Along
  6. Alone
  7. Sure Not Over You
  8. Loaded
  9. Mick
  10. I Know Yer Insane
  11. Gettin' Rough
  12. Gotta Know
  13. Take A Run At The Sun
  14. Don't You Think It's Time
  15. The Pickle Song
  16. I Misunderstood
  17. What We Do Is Secret (cd only)
  18. Never Bought It (Live On ABC)
  19. Sure Not Over You (Live On ABC)
  20. Out There (live) (cd only)
  21. Never Bought It (live)
  22. Repulsion (live) (cd only)
  23. Feel The Pain (live) (cd only)
  24. Get Me (live) (cd only)
  25. Freak Scene (live) (cd only)
  26. Sludgefeast (live) (cd only)
  27. Alone (live)
  28. What Else Is New (live) (cd only)