Ace Bushy Striptease - Outside It's Cold Just Like The Inside Of Your Body And cd/lp

(Odd Box Records)

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uniquely British-sounding band that makes you long for the early days of Bearsuit and Cherryade Records - highly recommended!
  1. Laura Street's Ahead
  2. Long-Term Relationship In Durham ( Durham Durham Durham Durham JC (Sex-Positive Male-Bodied Feminists)
  3. More Parts Per Milijas
  4. My Hand Could Be Yr Wife
  5. Little Eiffel
  6. The Words That You Said Are Still Wet In My Head
  7. Where're We Gonna Go Unloved
  8. Avoid Steel Girders In The Autumn (Ernest Pudding Takes A Bath)
  9. Death By Autofill
  10. Not If It's To A Love Song
  11. Balloons (2.5D II)
  12. It's Hard To Keep Yr Shit Together When All Yr Zips Are Broken
  13. Dannyvsmaradonavselvis