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OK Vancouver OK - Instant Record Collection! set

(Kingfisher Bluez Records)

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TWO LPs: 1) "Food Shelter Water" lp, 2) "Influences" lp. Here's a pair of lps from some Canadian friends, who play a mixture of catchy indiepop and meandering folk. Think Lake meets later Beat Happening...
  1. Food + Water + Shelter
  2. I've Been Since I've Been
  3. Pit House Tree House
  4. I Want Children To Swim In A River They Can Drink From
  5. What's My Memory For?
  6. Snowman In The Sun
  7. Loving You
  8. At Home In The Garden
  9. Griselda
  10. Camping
  11. Narwhal: Unicorn Of The Polar Sea
  12. No Class
  13. Capitalism Is The Reason
  14. And To Exist
  15. Building A Way
  16. Non-Humanistic Approach
  17. Hologram Of Beauty
  18. In Lieu Of The Moon
  19. Considerable Few
  20. Have You Forgotten My Beauty?
  21. Horses Ride
  22. Standing In Line
  23. Collection Of Changes