Bricks - A Microphone And A Box Of Dirt cs

(Merge Records)

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compilation of songs from this lo-fi indie rock supergroup (Superchunk, Tsunami, etc), including songs taken from Merge 001!
  1. A History Of Lies
  2. Hand Of A Swede
  3. Losing Track (Of The Red Line)
  4. You Shouldn't Have Smashed Your Guitar
  5. Smoking Hooch With The Flume Dude
  6. The Girl With The Carrot Skin
  7. The Mountain Goes To Mohammed
  8. The Sturgeon
  9. Spy Kitty
  10. Glue Gun Girl
  11. The Price Of Admirality
  12. Washing You At The Border
  13. Monopoly
  14. Boiler (10)
  15. Winterspring
  16. Should Be Going Home
  17. Strike
  18. Drilling