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8 items.
early '90s janglepop from Graeme Elston (Pure, Love Parade, Slipslide, etc) and co.
debut single from Graeme Elston's post-Love Parade band circa 1993, playing dreamy janglepop
sole single from this mid'90s UK janglepop group in Sugarfrost's typically beautiful packaging, with a booklet and inserts
very rare debut single from this French group in a gorgeous booklet sleeve
VERY limited (and now out of print) reissue of this classic pre-Sugarfrost flexi, and it comes with a pair of badges, as well!
original pressing of the mini-album from this excellent mid-90s UK indie rock band, who recently got the reissue treatment on Jigsaw!
classic Japanese/British indiepop comp from 1992, w/Secret Shine, Razorblade Smile, Penelopes, Pure and more!
Ride-ish dreampop from Japan circa 1992 - nice!
8 items.