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mix between classic indiepop jangle and the dance electronic pop of New Order and the Embassy
psych-tinged janglepop in the vein of Aerospace from this excellent Swedish band
debut album the Mexican electropop duo Cuberbil, described as the lost link between La Monja Enana and Cielo
on one disc, you've got a lovely mix of jangle and electropop in the vein of Piano Magic or Guitar, while the second disc contains 19 remixes of tracks from the album!
debut album from this Scottish group with a sound reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian, Cats On Fire and the Smiths
ten breezy popsongs in the vein of Snow Fairies or Would-Be-Goods
excellent Bristol-based group with ex-members of Airport Girl and the Mayfields, and a perfect and pure indiepop sound!
witty lyrics and and twisted music from this crazy duo of Swedes
hailing from Argentina, this band plays nice and breezy indiepop in the vein of the Hermit Crabs or the Essex Green
heartfelt indiepop from Greece influenced by Nick Drake, Belle & Sebastian and the 90s Greek indiepop scene
perfect for fans of Heavenly; their first release in over a decade!
acoustic/electric jangle from Alex Sharkey (ex-Brighter) that sounds remarkably like his earlier band or Trembling Blue Stars
includes everything released by this fun, short-lived Swedish pop band
dance around and sing along with the summery debut album by this unpredictable Swedish outfit!
gentle and gorgeous indiepop that sounds like a sunnier Trembling Blue Stars
brand new debut full-length from this NYC supergroup of sorts, featuring members of Kicker, A Boy Named Thor, Velocette, Comet Gain and many others. Musically, they capture the northern-soul-meets-indiepop feel of bands like Kicker and Camera Obscura for a delightful and gentle yet rousing listen!
imagine the Cat's Miaow covering your favorite New Order and Trembling Blue Stars songs
like opening a time capsule, sealed somewhere in the UK around the first years of the 80’s, with a young Edwyn Collins singing over an unknown Wild Swans track
19 songs from the fertile Swedish popscene, including Action Biker, Javelins, Dorotea, Danny Says, Nixon and so much more!
20 items.